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No Traffick Ahead Human Trafficking Campaign in California


February 24, 2016

Still Life Photo Shoot for No Traffick Ahead Campaign During Super Bowl 50

Check out my rep Freda Scott Creatives blog regarding the latest No Traffick Ahead campaign I helped create.



Photos: Jordan Reeder

Copy: Suzanne Boutillier

Art Director: Traci Shiro


And heres an article by KQED News regarding the campaign Super Bowl Week Puts Spotlight on Human Trafficking




For more info on Human Trafficking and how it impacts Northern California go to:


The images were photographed in studio, tethered to a Mac (so Art Directors can direct from a large display as were shooting).

Camera System: Phase One 80MP digital back on a Phase One DF+ body

Lighting: Profoto D4 Generators and heads

Software: Capture One 8, Adobe Photoshop CC

Wine: Trader Joes 

Jordan Reeder