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Product Shots 2.0 Jordan Reeder Featured on Freda Scotts LinkedIn Pulse

Jordan was recently interviewed for his rep Freda Scott.  The article was published on LinkedIn Pulse.

Heres a snippet from the Product Shots 2.0 article:

Like many Silicon Valley photographers, Jordan Reeder gets a lot of calls requesting “game-changing,” “epic,” or even “disruptive” shots of the latest router or (yawn) USB cable. But Jordan has something many photographers don’t: a long track record of actually achieving those goals.


Jordan has shot for high-tech heavy hitters from NetApp, Hitachi, Nvidia, Cisco and Seagate. Each time the challenge is different, but Jordan’s unique POV comes through all the same. “I start by looking for what’s different about this product, either from its competitors or from the previous model,” explains Jordan.

Next comes planning the lighting and staging. “It really helps to be both artistically and technically inclined,” he admits. “If you aren’t competent with the lighting and with what the camera can do, you become very limited in what you can capture.”

Jordan’s go-to kit for product photography includes a Phase One 80 megapixel medium format digital back and Profoto strobes. He shoots tethered to a large color-calibrated display so he can make accurate, immediate adjustments in-camera. And lately he’s been bringing LED lighting into the mix as well.

Sometimes, though, Jordan trades his camera for a wrench and pliers on set. “We shoot a lot of prototypes, products with missing parts, products the marketing team is seeing for the first time at the same time I am. The studio becomes a mechanics shop – assembly required!” And when prototypes are incomplete or incorrect, Jordan has to make real-time technical calls on what he can finesse in camera and what will be tweaked post-production.

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