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Obama Administration Wants to Help California Save the Salton Sea


This week the White House pledged to support California and its struggle to preserve its largest lake

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The following is from an article on by Martha Harbison:

The Salton Sea needs help. The large saline lake serves as a vital bird habitat in Southeastern California, and it has been shrinking for years. From the now-dry lakebed erupts toxic dust plumes that threaten the health of tens of thousands of Californians. The slowly evaporating waters are becoming poisonous due to high salinity levels, killing the fish that serve as food for visiting birds. And the once-thriving vacation economy that surrounded the Salton Sea has all but vanished.

Environmental justice groups and conservation organizations like Audubon have argued for action on the Salton Sea for years, but progress has been slow. Finally, some headway. This week the Obama Administration and California heeded those calls by announcing a new agreement to help address the lake’s rapidly compounding problems.

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