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Dad, Wheres My Legos? Nest Thermostat Self Promo Shoot



Nest Thermostat and a Lego Wall

During a recent San Jose heat wave, I suspected my old school thermostat was on the fritz. I ran to home depot and picked up a Nest Learning Thermostat. Upon opening the box, I realized it was a pretty slick product so I decided to make a few images with it before I slapped it on the wall.

My 9 year old daughter was quite perplexed as to why I decided to borrow her Legos for the background. I didnt have a great answerI just said,I thought it would look awesome.



And Im happy to report Ive put the Nest Thermostat into service and my A/C has worked ever since. It has loads of nifty energy saving features. For more info check out their webiste:



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