Jordan Reeder Photography

cisco workflow

Please fill out a Request form (includes FAQs, examples, etc: ( and send it back to me.  

You can list the products down the left side of the chart, then mark the cells in each product's row to indicate which shot deliverables (columns) you would like for each product. List family/group shots as separate line items, and make notes of all the products to be included in the shot. Please be sure to includedimensions of the products, whether the items are camera-ready (do they look new, or will they require extra retouching/photoshop work to make them look new), contact info, and any important dates.

Jeff Duran & Reeder Studios will respond to your Request with separate Estimates for photography & post-production (we're separate vendors). Once the Estimates are approved, we will provide you with separate SOWs. Once I receive a PO for the photography SOW, we can schedule the shoot.

After the shoot, we will send you official proof images for your approval. These proofs should also be used to specify (via email) any changes/additional retouching to the project images at this point.

Typically, from pick-up to drop-off, we'll have the products for about a week.  Turn-around time can be faster or slower, however, depending on how quickly your team responds to any questions we may have while shooting, and to the proof images we send out after the shoot.  (We don't return products until proofs have been approved, in case anything needs to be re-shot.) 

After Jeff completes the post-production, he will supply a file set of various resolutions for approval. If approved, those file sets will be your finals. At this time you will have an opportunity to provide him with keywords and release dates, and he will upload the final files to the Cisco Brand Exchange.

For your convenience, here's a chart explaining the whole process from request through to final file delivery for Cisco product photography & post-production:

Please fill out the request form, then email to me & we'll get you taken care of!

Let me know if you have any questions.