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Self Portrait: An Interview with Jordan Reeder

Q: What do you love about photography?

A: Everything. I was an artistic kid… I loved drawing and painting. My dad would take me to car shows and air shows and let me take pictures with his camera. (This was long before camera camera phones.) In college, I would ditch History to go to the darkroom. I’m equally passionate about the art and technology sides of photography. I dream about cameras. I’m not kidding.

Jordan Reeder
What Do A Porsche 911 Carrera S, A Turkey and a Deer Have in Common?

While photographing this Porsche in the San Francisco Bay Area, I was surprised by two wild things. At one point I crawled out of the car to swap lenses and a large wild turkey walked around the corner a few feet away. It looked right at me and was apparently very surprised to find me standing there. It gobbled, screamed and ran off franticly. Almost cartoon like.

Jordan Reeder
Breast Cancer Awareness Month Comes to an End Relay For Life Cambrian

Relay for Life is a 24 hour American Cancer Society fundraiser to fight cancer. Participants not only raise moneythey honor loved ones who lost their lives to cancer and celebrate survivors. People form teams and team members take turns walking a track for a full 24 hours. This video features The Cambrian Relay for Life, in San Jose, CA. Its one of the largest and most lucrative Relays in the country. Its inspiring and uplifting and it generates hundreds of thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society each year.

Jordan Reeder
Dad, Wheres My Legos? Nest Thermostat Self Promo Shoot

During a recent San Jose heat wave, I suspected my old school thermostat was on the fritz. I ran to home depot and picked up a Nest Learning Thermostat. Upon opening the box, I realized it was a pretty slick product so I decided to make a few images with it before I slapped it on the wall.

Jordan Reeder